To provide community transport Bedale Community Minibus is issued with a Section 19 Permit by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. This Permit allows us, as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, to charge an affordable not commercial  rate for the use of the minibus. In turn we have to be certain that the people we allow to use our services are drawn from those individuals and groups in need of our support and identified in our Charitable objective:

    To provide affordable transport to those with disabilities, the elderly, local community groups and those in danger of becoming socially isolated 

    If we contravene the terms of the permit we will lose it, our insurance becomes invalid and ultimately we could lose our charitable status - the service we provide would be lost to the community.

    To simplify who we can provide transport for, it is required by the Charity Commission and our insurance company that we ask all groups who want to use our minibuses to become associate members of the Bedale Community Minibus.

Applying for Associate Membership. If your organisation are not already members of the Bedale Community Minibus please download the  Group  Application form. 

    Once completed the form can either be brought to the office by hand, when you first book a minibus; or sent n the post; or by attaching a completed scanned copy to an email and sending it to : 

    It costs you nothing other than the time to fill in a simple form, you do not have to attend any meetings and it is a one off application. 

    If you have any doubts about your status in regard to membership of the Bedale Community Minibus, please speak to the Office Team.

Confidentiality. In completing the form you confirm you fall within one or several of the categories of individuals or groups we are allowed to transport. In the case of individuals it also gives us information about your specific needs. The attached form once completed is kept in our office in Bedale - nobody else has access to the form, it is confidential between you and the charity.