Hiring The Bus

Who can Hire the Minibuses

Our minibuses are available for hire by organisations that are associate members of Bedale Community Minibus. If you are not a member of BCM please Register with us by contacting the office.

Who can drive the Minibuses

If your organisation has it’s own drivers they can drive the buses. They must hold a current and valid driving licence with either D1 or if the licence was obtained after Jan 1997 a B Licence, be aged 25 -75, and have either a current MIDAS qualification or hold a professional minibus licence or equivalent. In some cases, one of our own volunteer drivers from the Community Minibus will drive if your organisation does not have its own driver. Please remember our drivers are volunteers. The more notice you give us of your journey the more chance we have of finding someone to drive for you.

Minibus Hire Charges 

We normally consider hiring’s to be on daily basis. We will in special circumstances consider hirings over a weekend ( Fri to Mon) but not for longer periods.

We normally review out hire charges on an annual basis and any changes are effective from the 1st March   

Charges for the minibus are in two parts, the base cost and the mileage completed

Base cost

Between 0600 hrs and 1800 hrs


Evening hire (commencing after 18.00hrs)

Hire of up to five hours = ½ day rate        



Hire of up to five hours


Hire over five hours = Full day rate




£10 per hour for every additional

hour or part thereof Up to a MAXIMUM of        


Mileage  is charged at 55p per mile       

Start and Finish of the Journey 

The period of hire and the mileage commences and finishes at the minibus storage at Exelby Service Station, Coneygarth, Leeming Bar, DL7 9EG.  

This needs to taken into account when completing the Pick Up Time and Expected Return Time on the Booking Form.

Booking the Minibuses.     

Initial enquiry and a Provisional Booking 

Please contact the office either by phone during office hours or by email if you would like to hire one of our minibuses, this gives the opportunity for the Office Team  to clarify any queries you might have, The initial enquiry will confirm that we have a minibus available and a provisional booking will be entered in pencil into the office diary. 

A booking form will need to be completed to confirm your request; it can be posted to you; emailed as an attachment or you can   Download   it from this website.   

Completed Booking Form 

Once fully completed the booking form and a signed hire agreement, the deposit ( £25) and a copy of your group's driver’s licence details must be brought to the office. Until we receive those the provisional booking will not be confirmed. We would expect to receive your confirmation of the provisional hire of the minibus at least 7 days before the date of the hire. 

We do not have the facility to process digital forms.  

A driver for your hire

If your organisation needs to use one of our volunteer drivers to drive for you we ideally need 21 days notice from when you make a provisional booking. A 100% guarantee of finding one of our volunteer drivers available to drive for you is not possible, suffice to say we have not failed yet.  

Parking Charges / Blue Badge

In some cases, the driver will need to park the minibus in an area which incurs a parking charge. This charge will need to be added to the final invoice in order to repay the driver alternatively the Hirer pays the fee at the time. A Blue Badge is available in each minibus. Specific rules apply to their use, Hirers are expected to abide by those regulations.

Out of Hours Expenses for Volunteer Drivers.

Where the hire is for a whole day or an evening and BCM provides a volunteer driver who remains with you for the hire period we would hope you will fund their out of hours expenses, £10.00 is an appropriate sum. Alternatively, you may wish to include the driver in the event as a passenger and cover the outlay in that manner.

Estimation of Charges in Advance of the Hire.

In discussions with the Office Team about likely costs of the hire any figure reached must be considered an estimate. The final cost that is invoiced to the Hirer is based on the time and distance recorded on the vehicle log sheet.

Further Information

For further details or to discuss the booking in detail please telephone the office (01677 425 329) on any weekday morning and speak to one of the Office Team